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About us

ENTEX has consequently developed the process of planetary roller extruder. By initiation of the heat transfer by means of pressurized water and ameliorated construction of the cooling channels enabling a product-close temperature guidance and therefore having decisively influenced the heat transfer, this system has also been accepted more and more.

The planetary roller extruder is not longer only the classic compounding aggregate for the PVC industry, but covers the whole bandwidth of the compounding/ reaction technology. It is used in the  Plastic Industry –e.g. all PVC formulations, ABS, TPO, TPU, filled polyolefines, Prepex, processing of caoutchouc, elastomer adhesives, etc., Colour Industry –e.g. epoxy-, polyester-, acrylic/similar lacquers, Chemical Industry –e.g. blends with endo/exothermic reactions Food Industry –e.g. cocoa – sugar – dispersion, special malts  Pharmaceutical Industry - e.g. pelletizing of hydrophobic and lipophil active ingredients Special applications –e.g. sludge compounding, WPC

Products and services

Our extrusion and film lines in summary

  • Dosing units
  • Stuffing devices
  • Smoothing rolls
  • Calandrettes
  • Thermo-Calender rollers
  • Film production lines for PVC and polyolifine
  • Calender processing lines as single-stage and two-stage type with output rates between 100 and 12.000 kg/h
  • Pelletizing systems with a capacity from 100 to 5.000 kg/h
  • Elastomer processing lines for the calender and profile sector at throughput rates from 50 to 8.000 kg/h
  • Duroplastic processing lines with a capacity from 50 to 4.000 kg/h
  • Laboratory roller extruder
  • Compounding units for the food and pharmaceutical industry in the capacity range from 10 to 20.000 kg/h
  • Recycling production lines for compounding of sludges in the capacity range of up to 47.000 kg/h
  • Special processing lines made to customer´s specifications e.g. extension strips for road construction, nap lines for drainage and insulations 
TP-WE 400S/5600-M4

TP-WE 400S/5600-M4

ZSTP-WE 400S-M2/ESE-350

ZSTP-WE 400S-M2/ESE-350


Entex Rust & Mitschke GmbH
Heinrichstr. 67a
44805 Bochum

Phone: +49 2348 91220
Fax: +49 2348 912299

Thomas Malzahn
Sales and Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 2348 912244

Zhejiang ENTEX Machinery Co.,
No. 88, Fuyuan Road
Yaozhuang Town, Jiashan Country, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang province 314117
P. R. China

Phone: +86 573 89104626
Fax: +86 573 89104620

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