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About us

GABLER Thermoform is one of the world's leading manufacturers of thermoforming machines for the packaging industry. Our target to your benefits is the increase of productivity, efficiency and reliability considering the importance of the unit costs reduction.

The company develops and builds thermoform machines, handling systems and thermoform accessories. The range of products reaches from compact stand-alone machines to large manufacturing plants including extrusion and integration of downstream processes such as rim rollers, extruder machines, granulators with integrated feed system, separate cutting presses, sheet heating systems and temperature equalisation equipment.

Our product line of machineries allows you to process and manufacture every kind of product from cups, containers, and flower pots to trays, lids and coffee capsules. In the past years we have created some great developments in terms of machines, downstream equipment and product handling.

Products and services

GABLER M-line:
The product range of top-class tilt technology with tilting forming table by revised drive units. The tilt technology of the tool makes the machines ideal for both the economical manufacture of light weight drinking cups and production of high quality cups with sealing rim.

  • M 60 – with a forming area of 500 x 320 mm a solid, fast and cost efficient tilt bed machine for medium quantities
  • M 92 – the top selling tilt machine with various options
  • M 93 – the tilt machine with an increased forming area and clamping force
  • M 98 – with a significantly forming area of 800 x 550 mm for even more cavities
  • M100 - with an increased output up to 50% of the most common products GABLER provides the customer a solution which will be a big step into the thermoforming future.
GABLER M100 with an increased output up to 50%

GABLER M100 with an increased output up to 50%

Our “M100” tilt bed machine presents new opportunities for customers to reduce production cost. With an increased output up to 50% when running most common products, while using similar floor space and energy to smaller machines.

• Considerable increases in forming area and clamping force
• State-of-the-art drive system
• User-friendly HMI touchscreen
• Reverse-stacker automation
• SpeedFlow forming air system
• Innovative production monitoring function
• Improved process optimization functionality


GABLER Thermoform GmbH & Co. KG
Niels-Bohr-Ring 5a
23568 Lübeck

Phone: +49 451 3109-0
Fax: +49 451 3109-100

Carsten Stöver
Sales Director
Phone: +49 451 3109-442 / +49 163 3109 442

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