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About us

Seebach sets new standards in polymer filtration!
Seebach is the innovative technology leader in the global filtration market that designs and manufactures highest quality filtration products from steel, stainless steel and other metallic materials for Polymers, Oil and Gas and High End Application (HEA) such as Aerospace, Pharma & Chemicals and Mining end markets.
Customers appreciate the precision, durability as well as the reliability of Seebach’s products as they are often used in mission-critical applications.
Seebach portfolio for plastic industry includes filter systems and filter elements for all brands as well as screen changers.

Products and services

Seebach sets new standards in polymer filtration!
Continous melt filter system Janus as disc or candle filter with areas beyond 100 m2 - Inline filter as single, three or multiple candle or disc design - Filter candles - Filter discs - Spin packs - Filter elements for screen changers - Simulation - Bubble point test units - Service and upgrades.

Continuous meltfilter JANUS

Continuous meltfilter JANUS

The JANUS melt filter system is the latest development
in high quality polymer melt treatment. Our system can
be adapted to any production need in a very short
period with minimal effort. Depending on your needs,
the JANUS filter is customised as a single or double
filter with or without change-over option. This ensures
continuous operation until the maximum dirt load is
reached and the elements need to be cleaned.

Filter discs / spin packs for melt filters

Filter discs / spin packs for melt filters

Used in: Large-area filters and Screen changers (all brands) Applications: PA, PBT, PE, LDPE, PC, PEEK, PET, BOPET, PP, BOPP, PMMA, EVA Carbon-Fiber, Fiber, Resin, Film, Sheet, etc. Design: Ultra Strong Disc Hard Hub Semi Hard Hub Soft Hub Spin pack options: edged or borderless
Filter media: mesh, metal fiber fleece
Size: 5,5", 7“, 8,5", 12“, 15“, 16"
and Spin packs

Filter candles / Filter cartridges for melt filters

Filter candles / Filter cartridges for melt filters

Used in: CPF, Continuous melt filter systems, Single-candle-filters, Multicandle-filters, Large-Area-Filters and Screen Changers (all brands). Applications. pA, PBT, PE, LDPE, PC, PEEK, PET, BOPET, PP, BOPP, PMMA, EVA Carbon-Fiber, Fiber, Resin, Film, Sheet, etc. Design: pleated, plain, optional with removable mesh pack.
Filter media: mesh, metal fibre fleece
Filter rating: 2μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10μm, 15μm, 20μm, 30μm, 40μm, etc.
Length: up to 1600 mm

News & Innovations

Fluid Dynamics Analysis - Melt filter optimisation 

Modern flow simulations are increasingly used to identify the root cause of filtration problems and in the development of the filtration solutions for custom applications. The main challenges addressed by Seebach‘s modern flow simulation relate to the scientific  characteristics of the fluids to be filtered and the filter media to be used. The foundation of the Seebach approach is our extensive knowledge and experience in the filtration of non-Newtonian fluids which change their viscosity with applied shear.

Seebach has extensive experience in the simulation of fluid and media flow characteristics. Utilising the simulation process we can optimize existing systems or design new systems optimised for specific applications. Seebach has developed the possibility to describe the dynamics for classical fluids such as gases and liquids, and also for non-classical fluids such as polymers and resins.

As a result, we are able to provide the following data
(graphically expressed diagram):

  • Expected Start pressure loss
  • Velocity profile within the filter
  • Shear stress and viscosity profiles
  • In case of a temperature-dependent simulation: temperature gradient


Seebach GmbH
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34246 Vellmar

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Fax: +49 561 9829733

Olaf Zimmermann
Head of Sales and Marketing

Seebach Representative Office
Room 1909, South bldg. No.1839
201101 Shanghai
P. R. China

Phone: +86 215 4732369

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