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About us

SIKORA AG was founded in 1973 and celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013. Today SIKORA is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of measuring and control technology, inspection, analysis and sorting systems for the wire and cable, hose and tube as well as optical fiber and plastics industry. With 250 employees worldwide, 14 international offices and more than 30 regional representatives all over the world, the company provides customers with innovative
product solutions and individual service. The systems are exclusively made at the headquarters in Bremen/Germany. Innovation, product quality and customer satisfaction define the daily activities at SIKORA.

Products and services

  • Measuring and Control Technology for Hoses, Tubes and Plastic Sheets
  • Online Inspection and Sorting Systems for Plastic Pellets
  • Offline Inspection and Analysis Systems for Plastic Pellets


Diameter, ovality, wall thickness and sagging measurement of large tubes with a diameter from 90 to 3200 mm

• innovative millimeter wave technology for non-contact, non-destructive online measurement
• rotating measurement around the complete circumference
• easy operation without presetting product parameters, reliable without calibration
• independent from material and temperature, no coupling media necessary



Thickness measurement in sheet extrusion

• innovative millimeter wave technology for non-contact, nondestructive online measurement of plastic sheets
• all-in-one measuring system for integration into the extrusion line
• easy operation without presetting product parameters, reliable without calibration
• independent from material and temperature, no coupling media necessary
• measuring data in real time available for display and control



System for 100% inspection and automatic sorting of plastic pellets

• flexible, adaptive camera concept for all requirements
• inspection by X-ray, optical cameras, infrared and color cameras
• detection of metallic and organic contamination as well as cross contamination from 50 μm on the surface and inside the pellet
• sealed system, optimal protection against dust
• easy to clean
• easy to integrate into new and existing production lines

News & Innovations

SIKORA at Chinaplas 2018 (2J63) 

At the Chinaplas in Shanghai from 24 to 27 April, 2018, SIKORA, manufacturer and global supplier of innovative measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting devices, will present a comprehensive portfolio of systems for quality control, process optimization and cost savings for the hose, tube, sheet and plastics industries.

With the CENTERWAVE 6000, SIKORA showcases a system for the measurement of diameter, ovality, wall thickness and sagging of large plastic pipes during extrusion. The system is based on millimeter waves technology and measures pipes from 90 to 3,200 mm. The CENTERWAVE 6000 is available in a rotating version and thus offers the complete measurement of the wall thickness at 360 points of the entire circumference of the pipe. Alternatively, a multiaxial system is available with static sensors. The PLANOWAVE 6000, also based on millimeter waves technology, is used for thickness measurement of plastic sheets.

Another highlight is the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED for online inspection, and sorting of plastic material. The combination of an X-ray camera with a flexible, optical camera system is the only technology at present that reliably detects contamination on the surface as well as inside of plastic pellets. Contaminated pellets are automatically sorted out. Depending on the type of contamination and application, optical high-speed cameras as well as X-ray, color and infrared cameras are used.

For smaller material throughputs and for applications where sampling analysis or incoming goods inspection are sufficient, SIKORA offers the PURITY CONCEPT Systems. Alternatively, these analysis devices can be equipped with X-ray technology, optical cameras or infrared sensors and detect contamination in pellets, flakes, films/tapes and crosshead parts.

SIKORA also shows a wide range of systems for online measurement of the diameter, ovality, wall thickness and eccentricity of products as well as for lump detection.


Press contact:
Katja Giersch
Head of Corporate Communications
Tel: +49 421 48900-60
Fax: +49 421 48900-90


Bruchweide 2
28307 Bremen

Phone: +49 421 48900-0
Fax: +49 421 48900-90

Holger Lieder
Sales Director

SIKORA (Fuzhou) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Room 503-504, Building No. 11, Fuzhou Software Park, No. 89, Software Avenue
350000 Fuzhou
P. R. China

Phone: +86 591 83361894

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