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HOVADUR® copper alloys: 3D printpowders for plastic molds tool inserts

SCHMELZMETALL has now developed into a leader in innovative production of precipitation hardened copper alloys which are melted and casted under vacuum.

HOVADUR® copper alloys CNCS & CCZ, are now also offered as fine-grained spherical powders <20-100µm. In combination with the well adapted heat treatment we offer the highest level of thermal conductivity & mechanical properties for those HOVADUR® print powders.

Highest purity, a controlled low oxygen level, tailored for Additive Manufacturing technologies such like Laser Beam Melting, Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Laser Metal Deposition, Laser Cladding or as well for Metal Injection Moulding (MIM).

HOVADUR® powders offering nearly limitless possibilities for designers of plastic injection molds to produce tool inserts, which can be designed with internal cooling channels, being able to reduce the injection cycle as well as increasing the quality of the injected part.


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