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Baratti Engineering GmbH established in 1991 is your competent partenr in the conveying industry for vacuum and pressure for high efficent Equipment and Systems suply. Our range with roots type blowers, claw pumps and screw vacuumpumps provide you always the most reliable and cost saving solution for comveying.

Our degassing Systems are solving your polution Problems with patented preseparation Systems combined with highly reliable dryrunning vacuumpumps. Those Systems include as well fully automated processconztrol, linked to your production Computer control.

Those Systems are tailered according your demands.
Baratti Enginbeering GmbH, your world wide Partner in vacuumtechnology for Plastics with our plant locally in China for direct short Information Exchange.

Products and services

Rotary lobe blower for Vacuum and pressure up to 6000 m3/h
Vacuum- pressure claaw pumps up to 500 m3/h
screw vacuumpumps dry running 100 - 1000 m3/h 0,01 mbar abs vacuum
centralized vaccuum-pressure Systems with invertercontrol
vacuum degassing Systems for PET, PP, PA dryrunning with patented preseparation system with

centralized vacuumdegassing system PET for main and 2 coextruder

Baratti Engineering GmbH
Gewerbestr. 31
79618 Rheinfelden

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Sefora Cozzo
Sales Manager
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Baratti Engineering GmbH China
H 103, 5588 FeiYue Road
130033 Changchun
P. R. China

Phone: +86 181 04312706
Internet: www.baratti-gmbh.de
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