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Quality has a name – BAREISS

As a manufacturer for innovative and certified measuring instruments, we bear the responsibility for quality assurance. In order to meet the expectations for high quality, usability and sustainability of Bareiss products from our customers worldwide, we are constantly striving to optimize our production processes with precise planning, controlling and monitoring.

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The modular digi test II consists of 4 major components, the test stand, the loading module,the electronic unit and the interchangeable measuring unit for methods of IRHD, Shore and VLRH. The digi test II with standard specifcation is designed to be used in laboratories and customization is possible to make digi test II an ideal integration into customer’s production lines.


Range of application Hardness determination on soft rubber, highly elastic materials, soft deformable materials e.g. thin-wall O-Rings Standards DIN ISO 48, ASTM D 1415, NFT 46-003, BS903 Part. A 26.

Measuring principle IRHD Micro M Shore A The indenter of the instrument penetrates the specimen from the surface. This indentation depth provides the hardness information of the test specimen.

HDA – Hardness & Density

This automated system performs hardness tests on a multiple number of samples with a digital Shore A durometer. Followed by the hardness tests, the system continues with the density test and samples are disposed automatically.

Rebound Elasticity Tester with optional sample heater

Ranges of application for elastomers, soft elastic foams and similar materials evaluation of the median monitoring of the double oscillation according to standard serial interface.
Electronic unit Controls the automatic measuring process A graphic display is showing the results of the pre-conditioning, test results and the median value in % according to standards The test result is shown in % for single measurements.

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