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Brandenburger composites are produced in our plant in Landau with best-quality raw materials. Our Brandenburger high-performance composites offer excellent properties and are especially suitable for use in thermal and mechanical high-stress applications. Our R&D department pushes forward the further improvement of our product portfolio and the development of new high-quality materials. Our specially developed testing procedures and application-oriented product tests ensure that our materials conform with your requirements.

Products and services

Brandenburger Isoliertechnik operates world-wide and has been specialized in technical heat insulation since 80 years. Regardless of tools, machines or presses where high temperatures and pressure occur, thermal insulating materials from Brandenburger are used. The materials feature through high insulating properties and excellent mechanical stability. Especially the operation in plastics processing demands these characteristics. Apart from high temperature insulation materials and ablation for aeronautics and space aviation Brandenburger develops and produces machine components such as slide bearings and rotor blades. These materials are distinguished by high insulation properties and extremely high abrasive and friction resistance.

Premium Finish

This finishing method can be applied to all compression proofed
heat protection materials and increases the parallelism of our composites up to 0.02 mm related to a thickness tolerance of +/- 0.02 mm.

Pressure-restistant insulation materials

The unique composition of high pressure restistant insulation materials from Brandenburger grants outstanding insulation capability combined with an excellent mechanical and thermal strength.

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Exterior insulation materials

Brandenburger exterior materials were especially developed for the use as ouside insulations for tools and moulds. The excellent insulation effect reduces energy losses by convection and radiation. A high basic strength avoids damages or destruction by shock loads during the handling or installation of tools.

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