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Manufacturing of extrusion lines, composite machines and energy solutions made in Germany. Distribution worldwide. BREYER extrusion systems for:

  • … the production of sheet in high optical quality out of PC, PMMA,  App: LED panel, backlight sheet for LCD TV, greenhouses
  • … the production of sheet. made out of engineering plastics like ABS, PP, TPU.  App: automotive, decorating
  • … for the production of flat film out of PC, PMMA, PET, EVA, TPU.  App: optical- and thermoforming, encapsulation of solar modules, 
  • … for the production of tube bodies for the packaging industry out of PE, PP, single and multilayer.

BREYER Energy Solutions:
Calender equipment for the processing of cells for Lithium-ion Batteries.

With 250 employees, including 38 trainees, an annual turnover of € 50 mio. - with an export percentage of 90% - has been reached.

Products and services

Sheet extrusion lines for the manufacturing of transparent sheet for optical and LED applications.Sheet for technical and thermoforming applications.

Film lines production of ultra-thin, low-tension films of high optical quality.

Extrusion lines for the production of flat film for optical, solar and thermoforming application. Tube Extrusion lines for the production of mono and multilayer tubes.

Extrusion line for the production of high quality laminate film.

Breyer Optiflex line

With the BREYER OptiFlex line you are staying always flexible.
Both side polished, mat and structured film with optical properties can be produced.

• Advantages
• Energy saving and powerful single screw extruders
• Processing without predrying
• Quick start up by our patented meltpump control
• Automatic controled dies
• Calenders with precision gap adjustment (distcance and pressure controlled), automatic film thickness change
• Easy and rapid adjustment of film flatness

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Extrusion lines for manufacturing sheet for technical application

BREYER sheet extrusion lines for the production of technical sheets, made of ABS, ASA, PW, TPU and Engineering Plastics are extremely flexible.

We offer you established systems engineering for plain, embossed, mono- or co-extruded and other individual products:

• Extrusion without pre-drying
• Fast roll exchange device
• Quick and reproduceable roll gap adjustment
• Bank measuring system
• Calender roll recognition
• Cutting devices
• Stacking solutions

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Extrusion lines for the production of mono and multilayer tubes

High performance extrusion line for economic tube production
Today, speed is a top priority in many production processes. It's good if you can refer to a technology that delivers good quality even at high speeds.

Clients from the world of cosmetics, which has high standards, know to appreciate this fact because perfect looks and tactile qualities often decide the success or failure of a product. Still, economic efficiency cannot be neglected in the production process.

Breyer GmbH
Bohlinger Str. 27
78224 Singen

Phone: +49 7731 920-0
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Contact person

Joachim Bormann
Marketing and Sales Manager
Phone: +49 7731 920-119
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Breyer Extrusion Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
3/F - 312, Building A, KYMS Business Centre, No.126, Xujiahui Road
200023 Shanghai
P. R. China

Phone: +86 21 60479878
Internet: www.breyer-china.cn
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News & Innovations

BREYER TapeFlex for unidirectionally fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes

BREYER offers you the complete extrusion line for economical tape production:

  • Package creel
  • Spreading unit
  • Impregnating tool
  • Extruder
  • Calender
  • Cooling section
  • Winder

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