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Buchem: your partner for plastic injection moulding, electrical discharge machining and toolmaking Since 1978 already, Buchem has been offering a diversified range of products for EDM, toolmaking and plastics processing that ensure failure-proof and efficient production processes in line with highest quality and performance standards.

The company based in Cologne, Germany offers: products to lubricate, clean and maintain machines and tools and to protect them against corrosion release agents accessories standard components. Buchem maintains an in-house manufacturing plant with chemical development and delivers its products to as many as 27 countries around the globe. The products are not only based on the company’s long experience, but are continually advanced and optimised in close cooperation with distributors and customers. You have questions on our products and their application? Our experts will be happy to assist you! Simply contact us. Personally, by phone or by e-mail.

Products and services

For plastic injection moulding, EDM and toolmaking, Buchem offers solutions – special chemical products and services – that considerably improve your processes. Plastic injection moulding: Buchem has developed a range of chemical auxiliaries that not only ensure smooth operation, but also extend the service life of the mechanical parts. Change colours, components and tools without spoiling the quality of the moulded parts – right from the start of production. Electrical discharge machining (EDM): Our high-quality chemical products manufactured in house protect your start hole drilling machines and your wire and die-sinking EDM facilities against corrosion as well as clean and maintain them. Toolmaking: Our broad range of chemical auxiliaries protects and maintains your equipment before and after machining. The accuracy and repeatability over the entire service life determines the productivity of mould and tool.

Interkor VP1026

Cleaning and corrosion protection for plasticising units of plastic processing machines: Interkor VP 1026 is a cleaning additive with an outstanding mode of operation: added to the subsequent granulate directly, the liquid cleaner abruptly foams up under pressure. This expansion of volume displaces the previous material. The cleaner adheres to colour residue and brings it out with a few shots. Thus, material and colour changes can be carried out in considerably less time and with less material.

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WSC Cleaning System

Efficient and cost-effective cleaning of water circuits: The WSC Cleaning System consists of three elements – the WSC-Phase 1 and WSC-Phase 2 cleaning concentrates and the WSC-Unit – and makes short work of rust and calcification in water circuits of temperature control units and moulds. In eight steps only, you can get rid of deposits that considerably slow down heating and cooling cycles in injection moulding processes and thus lower the production rate and increase the rates of rejects.

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Antikor RS

Fully synthetic long-term corrosion protection for all precision tools and injection moulds: Antikor RS is not only a high-grade corrosion inhibitor for iron, steel and all kinds of metallic materials, but also an excellent lubricant for ejectors and sliders.

It releases no dirt or rust in channels and thus prevents undesirable ejector marks on your moulded parts. Special adhesive additives prevent the lubricant film from migrating and ensure a longer service life.

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News & Innovations

Buchem offers products with NSF certification

For the production process to be safe, food-processing enterprises need to rely on auxiliary agents such as lubricants, cleaners or releasing agents that fulfil certain foodstuff regulations. Products certified by US product testing, inspection and certification organisation NSF International meet these demands. To obtain a registration for the food industry, products must only contain substances that are classified as harmless.

Just like Buchem’s C5 Release Agent. Due to its particularly eco-friendly composition, C5 is one of the very few release agents worldwide that are registered by NSF for the category M1: the product can be used in the food industry for the manufacture of food packaging with incidental food contact.

The second Buchem product with NSF certification is Interkor VP1026. The liquid cleaner and corrosion inhibitor is registered for category H2, i.e. it may be used on equipment and machine parts in locations where there is no possibility of contact with food.

A new, genuine trouble-shooter

Buflon GR – that is the name of Buchem’s new fully synthetic special grease that increases the quality of production and makes working processes more efficient. Due to its high content of highly concentrated PTFE and the special adhesive additives the product is characterised by outstanding adhesive and sliding properties. Hence, it is not only suitable for plastics processing, but also offers many advantages for tool and mould construction.

Buchem’s novelty is suitable for close tolerances, comes with excellent emergency running properties, is heat resistant to up to 200 °C, and reliably protects lubricated surfaces against corrosion. The special adhesive additives prevent rust from creeping and thus bothersome dirt marks on moulded parts.

And wherever there are great centrifugal forces the highly adhesive Buflon GR will not lose its grip as well: on fast-moving chains, gears or discs, the special grease ensures a temporary dry lubrication, even if there is no grease left.

Efficient and cost-effective cleaning of water circuits

The latest innovation of Buchem that was realised together with Japanese manufacturer of mould temperature control units Matsui is the WSC Cleaning System, which makes short work of rust, magnesium and limescale deposits in water circuits of heating elements and moulds.

The system’s portable WSC-Unit, which is made of non-corrosive materials only, contains a pressure and heat-resistant filter housing with integrated fine filter and neodymium magnet to bind coarse rust particles. The pump of the temperature control unit admixes the cleaning concentrates (WSC-Phase 1 and WSC-Phase 2) to the circulating water and activates the decalcification and rust removal process. The first cleaning step with WSC-Phase 1 removes limescale, magnesium and rust, and passivates the metal surfaces. The second cleaning step with WSC-Phase 2 neutralises the pH value, rinses out dirt and grease residue, and protects the pipes against corrosion until they are dry.

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