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Coesfeld GmbH & Co. KG from Dortmund (Germany) develops, manufactures and distributes machines for physical material and component testing. Our testing equipment meets standardized applications (DIN, ISO, ASTM, ...) and also can be developed and manufactured according to your customized requirements.

Products and services

Specimen Preparation

  • CNC-sample cutter
  • Notch cutter
  • Sample punch
  • Tempering

Impact Resistance

  • Brittleness Temperature
  • Dart Test
  • Impact Test

Thermal Testing

  • HDT Heat Deflection Temperature
  • VICAT Softening point
  • VICAT oilfree

Dynamic Testing

  • Biaxial Test
  • One- and Multi Station Tester
  • DeMattia Flextest
  • Fatigue to Failure Tests under Tension, Pressure and Bending
  • Wöhler Tests
  • Friction Test
  • Tear Analyser
  • (Crack Propagation)
  • Static Testing

Biaxial Test

  • One-and Multi Station Tester
  • Hardness
  • Optical Measurement
  • Relaxation
  • Creep and Rupture
  • Tension, Compression, Flexural Test

Raw Materials

  • Density
  • Floatation
Instrumented impact resistance tester for testing foils, plastics and parts

Instrumented impact resistance tester for testing foils, plastics and parts.
• Modular machine setup for multiple standards
• High drop energies
• High drop speeds
• Full automatization and sample feeding
• High flexibility and best fit for customer requirements

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Creep and Relaxation Tester

Modular Machine Design for Manual to Fully Automated Creep- and Relaxation-Measuring-Systems

Electromotive Systems:
• offer user comfort, flexibility and measuring precision
• possible to to run creep-, relaxation measurements and also programmable loading cycles.

Dead Weight/ Lever Systems:
• simple in set-up
• predestinated for true long-term measure-ments in combination with motorized camera sled Systems
• can be extended to multi-stations set-ups with attractive pricing

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Vicat/HDT Testers

The Coesfeld Vicat/HDT series provides test devices for determining the VICAT softening temperature (VST) of thermoplastics and the heat deflection temperature (HDT) of fibre-reinforced and filled thermosetting plastics, as well as of thermoplastics and hard rubber.

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