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Erhardt + Leimer (Hangzhou) Co Ltd. is located in Hangzhou/  Zheijiang Province and a 100% wholly owned foreign subsidiary of Erhardt + Leimer GmbH in Leitershofen / Germany. The company is offering sales and service for the complete scope of supply of the
Erhardt + Leimer group. The main products are guiding, spreading and tension control units, surface and print inspection systems for different industries like plastic film, offset, flexographic printing, tire & rubber, textile, corrugating, nonwoven, packaging, bottleing
and food industry.

Products and services

ELGUIDER Web Guiding Consistent correction of the web position to compensate: - Badly wound foil and paper rolls - Splice offset - Telescoped rolls - Eccentric roll movements ELTENS Web Tension Measurement and Control 100 % constant web tension: - Basic
requirement for first-class print quality - Prerequisite for register accuracy - Waste reduction - Higher productivity - Wired ready for connection, thus easy process integration - Overload factor of 20, thus high process reliability ELTIM Radiation-free solution based
on ultrasound technology for monitoring of material thickness, weight and other relevant properties of a product during different production processes.

Precisely matched components guarantee a more accurate, profitable and cost-effective production. ELTIM has a large measuring gap, is insensitive against fluctuations in the height of the web and doesn’t affect the properties of the material. In addition,
the measurement is independent from the colour and the material.


ELGUIDER Web Guiding Consistent correction of the web position to compensate: - Badly wound foil and paper rolls - Splice offset - Telescoped rolls - Eccentric roll movements

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Dirk Schröder
Head of Sales Division Paper/ Foil
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Erhardt+Leimer (Zhejiang) Automation Technology Co.,Ltd
No.468 Fucheng Road, Xiasha District,Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area,
310018 Hangzhou, Zhejiang
P. R. China

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News & Innovations

AG 9 Brushless actuating drive

New brushless actuating drive from E+L in-house development available with immediate effect The device was primarily designed for web guiding systems, however in principle it can be used in all
applications that require a maintenance-free, highly dynamic linear drive with a large actuating force.

In combination with the command station DO 3001, the AG 9 is used for web guiding on unwinders, rewinders and in large pivoting frames. Ethernet networking with response times of 1 ms and an actuating speed of up to 60 mm/s ensure maximum actuating dynamics.Even at high reel weight, that allows optimal  compensation of tumbling errors, for example. Control frequencies up to 4 Hz are possible.

The AG 9 is the only fully integrated actuating drive on the market with a brushless and therefore wear-free motor. The position is acquired via an integrated absolute encoder – this is also a unique feature. That means that no reference run is required on commissioning, and the current position of the actuating drive is not lost even if the power fails.

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