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iNOEX is a pioneer in developing equipment for the plastic material industry. We are one of the leaders in the development, production and sale of innovative measuring & control technology as well as process engineering. Besides, we offer packages for the full automation of an extrusion process. Product manufacturers and OEMs all over the world benefit from our systems during their production of pipes, profiles, cables and film.

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Gravimetric systems for the smooth conveyance of raw materials ensuring that process values for weight per length, wall thickness and the product recipe are kept on constant levels.

This Terahertz measuring systems is independence of temperatures and for a contactless high-precision measurement of wall thickness, diameters and ovality.

The MK 400 for pipe dimensions from 32 – 400 mm is the answer to almost every measuring, control and documentation task and is therefore a complete solution for the automation of pipe extrusion lines.

Exhibits 2019:

  • SAVEOMAT mono weigher with 5" and 10" terminal
  • SAVEOMAT dosing station with 3 components
  • WARP 100/400
  • WARP portable
  • AUREX MK 400
  • AUREX ERS 32
  • PROMEX system

SAVEOMAT mono weighers for granules and powder are mounted directly above the extruder inlet. A user-friendly SAVEOMAT terminal controls the screw speed or the haul-off speed, depending on the control loop. The production process is kept on a constant level, with exact mass throughput rates, exact weight per length and a reduced consumption of raw material. In addition to the mono weighers, iNOEX also offers a wide range of other gravimetric systems and solutions.

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WARP portable

The handheld system for pipe wall thickness measurement convinces within seconds during the extrusion process, not only because of its measuring precision but also because of the maximum user comfort. Measuring results are presented on an LCD display at the push of a button. WARP portable just has to be placed on the pipe to be measured with the aid of a centering device and a button has to be pressed. The state-of-the-art and low-maintenance WARP portable offers numerous additional features.

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AUREX stands for reliable ultrasonic technology for wall thickness and diameter measurement. The MK 400 for pipe dimensions from 32 - 400 mm is the complete solution when it comes not only to significantly reducing the weight per length and thus the overall costs, but also to ensuring compliance with the narrow tolerances for wall thickness, diameter and ovality. Therefore MK 400 is the answer to almost every measuring, control and documentation task for the automation of pipe extrusion lines.

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