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INOMETA is a technological leader for the development, production and finishing of technical lightweight design products made of aluminum and fiber composites such as CFRP and GRP. We are specialized in high-end and innovative lightweight design solutions, as well as the development and production of functional surfaces.

The product portfolio ranges from technical pipes, roller tubes, winding cores and web guide rollers to anilox rollers and pressure adapters, and all the way up to highly versatile functional coatings. With our product range, we are able to cover the entire spectrum of rotating elements for the film, paper, printing and packaging industry.

Products and services

Web tension measurement Technology
Sensor rollers
Web tension sensors
Measuring amplifier
Measurement data logging and evaluation
Mobile web tension measurement

Non-stick coating
Ceramic coating
Hard metal coating
Metal coating
Composite coating

Lightweight componentsDoctor bar

Tubes & profiles
Roller tubes
Cylinder tubes
Aluminum profile tube
Aluminum round bars
Motor profiles
Special profiles

Sleeves and -Systems
Anilox sleeves
INOflex GRP Anilox sleeves
Mounting sleeves
CFRP air mandrel

CFRP high-performance rollers
Aluminum web guide rollers
Bubble collapsing rollers
Guide rollers
Breast rollers
Lay-on rollers
Measurement rollers
Sensor rollers
Cantilever sensor rollers
Anilox rollers
Printing rollers

pneumatic CFRP bridge adapter
hydraulic CFRP bridge adapter

Winding cores
Aluminum winding core
Winding core light
Composite winding core
Steel winding core
Plastic winding core
LSC sandwich winding core
RFID winding core

Functional Surfaces

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Bernd Heese
Director International Sales
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