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Kiefel develops, designs, manufactures and supplies machines and plant systems for the processing of plastics, and provides a range of directly-related services.

PACKAGING Industry: Kiefel is also a partner to the packaging sector, above all as a supplier of high-performance automatic pressure forming machines and cup forming equipment. Machinery for the production of cups and lids, trays, hinged packaging, blister packs,transport inserts, plant pots.

AUTOMOTIVE Industry: Kiefel is a leading supplier of technology to the automotive industry, specializing in the manufacture of vehicle interior-trim components made of plastic. Machinery for the production of instrument panels, door panels and trunk liners, airbag-/glove-compartment lids, consoles, sun visors.

APPLIANCE Industry: one of the major lines of the Kiefel forming technology is machinery for the production of refrigerator components made of PS or ABS.

Products and services

Automatic Pressure Forming Machine SPEEDFORMER KMD Series

Steel rule cutting machines of the KMD Speedformer series are effective in mass production and economical even for small quantities. They can be deployed flexibly, whether in the food or non-food sector, and are versatile for materials such as PET, PP, PS, PLA, PE. The modular design offers maximum flexibility. The high degree of automation and the sophisticated tool change are as much part of the mature concept as the steel rule cutting and the integrated stacking station.

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Automatic Pressure Forming Machine THERMORUNNER KTR Series

Due to the optimized forming area, space can be used for larger tools with more cavities which might increase your output.

The forming area is a decisive factor in maximizing performance as well as the punching force. Flexibility is guaranteed when it comes to KTR systems: no matter if tools are supplied by KIEFEL Packaging or your preferred tool designer
The KTR Thermorunner series enables you to mass production of high-end cups using various film materials with different film properties..

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Talored Blank Lamination Technologie

Advanced TBL Technology (Tailored Blank Lamination) represents the next generation of vacuum lamination machines offered by Kiefel. The new machine concept introduces new cost saving and quality benefits to
existing processes.

This innovative technology can be used for all types of finished products such as door uppers and armrests, manufactured with traditional vacuum lamination process. The TBL Technology is suitable for vacuum lamination and press lamination.

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