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Excellent quality in products and service, safety and reliability as well as a treasure trove of experience gained in more than 90 years of company history provide the foundation for our leadership in rotary joint technology. Diversity is not only important to us in terms of our products, but also in terms of our employees.

By tackling challenges together, we ensure day by day that we can deliver the best possible quality in the fastest possible time. To deliver the best we live loyalty, encourage & challenge our employees, take personal responsibility for our decisions and stick to our word. Also it is important to us that our products are sustainable in terms of quality, durability and the working conditions under which they are manufactured. Therefore, we comply to ethical principles and also expect our suppliers and service providers to do so.

Rotary joints by Maier are available from our subsidiaries in the USA, Italy & China and a vast network of distributors all over the world.

Products and services

Our successful formula for optimal leak-proof solutions: intensive development combined with testing both in the laboratory and in the field – for high performance of machines and plants in different industries.

Maier rotary joints are the optimum solution for all industries and are suitable for both cold and hot water up to 300°C, steam up to 300°C, 40 bar, heat transfer oil up to 400°C, hydraulic oil up to 350 bar, compressed air up to 40 bar, chemicals, cooling lubricants up to 150 bar, vacuum, high speeds and dry run. We offer 10 standard series and numerous special solutions for other media and extreme operating conditions.

With our rotary joints, we guarantee maximum operating safety and functionality, high performance and a long service life. Competence begins with development and ends with our attentive service.
Series DX

Universal rotary joint for water, equipped with mechanical seal and ball bearings. DXS with highly resistant, ceramics coated sealing surface for higher temperatures and speeds as well as prolonged service life. The rotary joints of the series DX, DXS (DN 10-150) are also available in ATEX-certified design.
Rotary joints of the DX series are suitable for cooling water (DX, DXS series) and hot water (DXS series). Please note that the technical data may vary depending on the design of the series.

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Series DZ

Rotary joint series for compressed air. Several channels for different pressures, large and small volumes. Stainless steel version with special sealing rings and counter surfaces made of ceramics or other hard materials. Rotary joints of the DZ series are suitable for air and vacuum.

Please note that the technical data may vary depending on the design of the series. Since the series is custom-made for customers, please contact us directly if you have any questions.

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Series MP

Multi-passage rotary joint for simultaneous supply of up to ten different media and pressures with the option to seperate passages completely. For turntables, tools and forms. Due to the many possible variations in sizes, materials and seals, the MP series covers many conceivable applications. Rotary joints of the MP series are suitable for hydraulic oil, cooling water, air, gas and vacuum. Please note that the technical data may vary depending on the sealing technology.

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