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Our service portfolio ranges from project consultation to expert planning and engineering all the way to construction and installation as well as after-sales services in the sectors machine cooling, process cooling and chilling, heat recovery, ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, cleanroom technology, compressed air supply, machine optimization, and tool temperature control. Our continuous success is due to a growing number of customers in Germany and abroad who are able to substantially reduce their energy costs with our energy saving ONI systems solutions.

We’re particularly proud of the numerous national and international awards we’ve received as well as the acknowledgment of our corporate performance and our high level of innovation by top ranking representatives of the federal and state governments. For example, by the Federal President, the Chancellor, the President of the Federal Parliament, or the Ministers for Economic Affairs, Energy, the Environment, and Labor.

Products and services

Our service portfolio ranges from project consultation to expert planning and engineering all the way to construction and installation as well as after-sales services.

Our range of products

  • Cooling/chilling systems
  • Heat recovery
  • Air conditioning/
  • ventilation systems
  • Clean-room technology
  • Rental chilling systems
  • Compact chillers
  • Dry-type coolers
  • Modular energy center
  • Temperature control systems
  • Power optimization
  • Water treatment
  • Compressed-air supply
  • Project engineering
  • Maintenance/service
  • 24-hour-service
Cooling/chilling systems

Energy-optimized cooling system for feeding production machines as well as air-conditioning and ventilation systems. With heat recovery for using cost-free waste heat and a non-glycol winter relief for reducing the power consumption of chillers.

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Air conditioning/ ventilation systems

Whenever we design a ventilation system for a company in the plastics processing, quality assurance in production is always the focus in planning and implementation. However, the operating costs of such systems are a crucial factor which needs special attention. This is the reason why ventilation or air-conditioning systems planned and implemented by us are always designed on the basis of „the lowest possible costs“ principle for the plant operator.

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Modular energy center

The demand for modular energy centers has considerably increased during the recent years.

The reasons for this development may surely be a quick availability, flexibility and the space-saving design of these powerful ONI systems. From the supply of cooling and cold water to heating power and compressed air including pumps, tanks and controllers, the entire technology is integrated into modular units in a compact manner. Hi-tech and quality products are combined in our modular energy centers.

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News & Innovations

Top Cooling Water Quality …without Using Biocides

The newly developed ONI-AquaClean system.

Practice has shown that poor cooling water quality is the reason why a relatively large number of companies have to deal with high operating and maintenance costs and, in individual cases, even with production losses.

In many of these cases, ONI-AquaClean technology is the ideal system solution because the application of this technology signifi cantly improves the cooling water quality and, subsequently, also the operating conditions in cooling water networks.

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EtaControl® Reduces Energy Consumption in Injection Molding Machines

ONI's EtaControl® technology, a further development of the ONI machine optimization system developed about 30 years ago, is an ideal solution for the plastics processor effectively tackling the energy cost problem in a short way.

The power consumption of injection molding machines makes up the lion’s share of the electricity bill and accounts for a significant portion of a plastic processing company’s total costs. ONI’s EtaControl® technology is the perfect solution to effectively and efficiently cut high energy costs. The key component of this technology is a controlled oil flow management system which automatically adjusts itself on demand to the energy requirements of the machine during the cycle process and to the respective molding.

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Subscribe to the environment. Use waste heat for heating.

Our heat recovery systems use waste heat of 35 ° C from cooling water systems for heating purposes. Free waste heat resulting in valuable heating energy saves heating oil and natural gas and contributes to environmental relief.

The practical experience shows that our heat recovery systems finance themselves in the shortest time by the saved energy costs. Customers use the money saved through heat recovery to buy new production machines.

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