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PLEXPERT is a multi national company with specialists dedicating their work to the plastic industry.

Working with state of the art software the company support part designer in finding the best gate location, save material and avoiding critical weldlines. For mold designers best cooling layouts are created in order to ensure shortest cycle time and large process window.

Quality managers value the thermal fingerprint of the mold given by the unique IR-ThermalSystem, developed by PLEXPERT.

With DiagBes a dedicated software for setter is available to ensure fast and structured problem solving on the shopfloor level.
With a constant investment in research and optimization PLEXPERT generate new knowledge in the field of plastic. This knowledge is shared in dedicated training in order to support companies to reduce waste, save energy and time and produce high quality plastic parts.

Products and services

A true DFM based simulation service using Moldflow, Cadmould and MOLDEX3D software for best performance.
The PLEXPERT Xpertise evaluate, describe and rate every important result of the simulation. Our practical suggestion lead to high quality parts.

A Intranet based system for setter who want to find fast solutions for problems that can occure during injection molding.
The software contains all of the most common problems including a structured list of measures of how the problems can be solved.
Knowledge of setters will be collected and stored in a central database and is accecible on any computer or tablet that contains a browser and is connected to the network.

With the analysis of the thermal fingerprint of a mold, IR-ThermalSystem ensure a stable injection molding process. It supports the setter to find the shortest cycle time and indicates hot spots on the part immediately. Coupled with the injection molding machine a true industry 4.0 solution is given.


IR-ThermalSystem connected to the injection molding machine.

Simulation Xpertise

Simulation Xpertise - conformal cooling layout.


DiagBes - fast failure diagnosis and failure solution.

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News & Innovations


Temperatures play a decisive role in the injection molding process.
For injection moldings, the processing temperatures are given by rheological calculations.

The IR-ThermalSystem developed by us, checks the quality of the mold by using an infrared camera.

It is also important to determine the melt temperature accurately and, if in doubt, the temperature at the machine corrected cylinder temperatures.

To easily determine the melt temperature, PLEXPERT has developed the Xsential package for machine setter.

The package includes safety gloves, safety glasses, isolated collecting container for the melt as well as meter for displaying and documenting the current melt temperature.

With this set, machine setter quickly and safely check the melt temperature and make an important contribution to quality assurance in production.

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