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SCHWING is the only manufacturer worldwide who offers all advanced thermal cleaning technologies for the removal of all types of polymers and organic contaminations from metal tools and machine parts. This independence from specific technologies, combined with almost 50 years of experience in the engineering of cleaning systems, uniquely enables SCHWING to handle any cleaning demand with the respective best economic and ecological equipment or system solution – including after-treatment and quality testing. SCHWING deliberately takes advantage of the individual cleaning processes, for example pyrolysis under vacuum or fluidized bed pyrolysis and combines them since almost 50 years of experience in thermal process control. This produces customized cleaning concepts for specific applications, tools and/or materials satisfying every customer.

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VACUCLEAN is an easy to install, environmentally and user friendly vacuum pyrolysis cleaning system (vacuum cleaning oven) for removing plastic residues from tools and long components.
The fully automatic cleaning process of VACUCLEAN takes place in an electrically heated vacuum cleaning chamber. The temperature is measured directly on the product to be cleaned, which is initially heated slowly and especially easy on the material; a large part of the adherent polymers already melts now and drains off. The disintegration of the remaining polymer takes place at approx. 450 °C; the remaining carbon is finally removed by adding air (oxidation). A sophisticated sensor system controls the cleaning process preventing the development of excess temperatures at all times. Inorganic residues can be easily removed through after-treatment, e.g. with compressed air.

Vacuum pyrolysis systems: safe, gentle, efficient
Complete removal of organic adherent matter, free from carbon residues
Precise, reliable and gentle cleaning of large tools and components
Easy installation (no gas), low operating costs
Increased tool life and life cycles, reduced machine downtimes
Depending on the system size, product to be cleaned and polymer VACUCLEAN removes organic adhesions within 8 to 30 hours without impacting the tools mechanically or thermally.

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MAXICLEAN is an environmentally and user friendly pyrolysis System, for removing plastics without halogenated additives from large tools and components. MAXICLEAN completely removes all polymer residues in one process step without impacting the tools mechanically or thermally. The precisely controlled and at any time reproducible cleaning process of MAXICLEAN takes place in an externally gas-heated cleaning chamber with special hot air routing for the optimal distribution of the temperature.

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Fluidized bed pyrolysis systems: fast, safe, green
INNOVACLEAN is a compact, environmentally and user friendly fluidized bed pyrolysis system which removes all polymers - even halogenated substances such as PVC or PTFE - quickly and reliably from small and medium-size tools and components.

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