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Henschel was founded in Kassel in 1810. Their activities in building gearboxes started 1918. Henschel gearboxes are used worldwide for a variety of applications and are a synonym for quality, reliability
and performance.

In many areas we are viewed as the trendsetter of the industry. Since the production of the first counterrotating extruder gearbox in 1972 Henschel Antriebstechnik has developed in to the leading
supplier for twin-screw extruder gearboxes.

In the meantime the company presents themselves as a system supplier for the extrusion industry with innovative concepts reaching far deeper than the clearcut drive unit for extruders. In addition to the gearboxes for single as well as counter and co-rotating extruders, well known under the trademark DURUMAX, further
products were added over the years. Precedence has been set for efficiency and reliability, yet keeping economy of scale as the highest priority.

Products and services

  • Single Shaft Extruder Gearboxes 
  • Twin Shaft Extruder Gearboxes counter-rotating
  • Twin Shaft ExtruderGearboxes co-rotating
Single Shaft Extruder Gearboxes

The DURUMAX-S2 single shaft extruder gearbox is mainly serving extruders for processing plastics, pet food and food. A standardised modular design allows flexible adjustments in regards to the customers requirements. The operating expenses are maintained at a low level by economical power consumption and maintenance demand. Low friction bearings and low friction in tooth contact due to state-of-the art
manufacturing technologies ensures highest efficiency.

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Twin Shaft Extruder Gearboxes counterrotating

The new T4MAX C series of counter-rotating twin shaft extruder gearboxes offer the highest torque ratings available in the market.

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Twin Shaft Extruder Gearboxes co-rotating

With more than 45 years of tradition in development
and manufacturing of twin shaft extruder gearboxes,
HENSCHEL is the world's eldest gearbox manufacturer
still working in this area, with a unique base of
experience. The new T4MAX S series of co-rotating
twin shaft extruder gearboxes combines highest torque
rating with a compact design.

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