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Innovative Rubber extrusion and strainer solutions with gear pump-technology

More than 30 years UTH GmbH Fulda/Germany has been providing innovative machinery and processing technology for the rubber, tire and plastics industries. At the Chinaplas the Company will introduce their innovative solutions for silicone rubber, Fluororubber, Polymer dosing and rubber rework processing and fine mesh straining with gear pump technology.

Uth's core competencies include advanced technologies for fine mesh straining and precise extrusion. Among its leading products are roll-ex gear pumps for rubber processing, modular systems in standard sizes up to 10.000 kg/h, roll-ex® gear pump extruders and fine mesh straining systems. UTH is well known on the international market for the development of customer-specific solutions and for manufacturing and optimization of special machines for the rubber industry. The Company offers automation systems, a wide range of accessories and a global after sale service.

Products and services

Precise extrusion and high-pressure application – innovative technology “Made in Germany”

Roll-ex® gear pump extruders permit the particularly gentle extrusion of rubber compounds, with possible pressures of up to 800 bar in high-pressure applications. This technology guarantees high quality precision.

Roll-ex® fine mesh straining Technology

The innovative fine mesh straining technology permits particularly gentle and clean fine mesh straining of rubber and silicone. Through that the quality of the applied material can be improved significantly.

There are different possibilities of process technology:

  • Fine mesh straining within the mixing line.
  • Fine mesh straining offline.
  • Fine mesh straining within the extrusion line.
  • Fine mesh straining of silicon compound.

These process technologies can be provided by different feeding systems therefore the UTH fine mesh straining systems offer a wide range of options.

1. Roll-ex® 220 TRF - Fine mesh straining of rubber compounds up to 2.500 kg/h

Roll-ex® Gear Pump

The patented roll-ex® gear pumps are the solution for particularly gently processed, highly viscous materials. The secret is in the strictly volumetric conveying principal of the gear pump. This creates an uniform and synchronos flow of material, irrespective of the counter-pressure.

Feeding system: Twin-Screw Feeder, conical (DSE)

• For warm feeding of lumps, sheets, undefined shape.
• Can accumulate material stock.
• Cold feeding of silicone and low viscosity rubber compound.

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