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VACUFLEX GmbH is an independent member of the Schauenburg Hose Technology Group and a specialist in manufacturing of hoses and hose assemblies, made of elastomers and thermoplastic materials.

Highly flexible and reinforced plastic hoses from 8 - 500 mm ins. diam. have been produced for the last five decades. We offer the complete solution to your hose and coupling requirements for all fields of application.

  • Automotive 
  • Domestic Appliances 
  • Air Conditioning Appliances 
  • Machinery and Equipment 
  • Medical 
  • Sanitary 
  • Woodworking Industry

Producer of plastic hoses with hard PVC or steel wire reinforced helix as also self-profiled hoses. Additional to this we over mould also different engineered connections to the hoses for different OEM and end user as complete hose assemblies.

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TPU Hoses

Very light and extremely flexible hose with good tensile and abrasion strengths and ultimate elongation. Free of softeners, halogen free and cadmium fee and produced according to FDA regulations.

Universal hose for the woodworking, plastic and chemical industry for transportation of light solids and for air and gas transportation - also available in flame retardant

TPR Hose

Light and extremely flexible hose with low or hot temperature resistance. Free of softeners, halogenerse and cadmium

Universal hose for cold or hot air and fume ventilation and transportation.

Hessenring 8 – 12
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

Phone: +49 6105 93390
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Peter Endres
Managing Director
Phone: +49 6105 93390
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VACUFLEX Advanced Hoses Ltd.
Room 101 of F Building No.2, Xingye Road, Jiuwangmiao Village
Zip code 511458, Nansha District, Guangzhou
P. R. China

Phone: +86 20 84685237
Fax: +86 20 39005310
Internet: www.vacuflex.cn
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VACUFLEX Hose Technology Ltd.
Sino-German International Industrial Zone, Changxing Economic and Technological Development Zone
Zip code 313100, Changxing, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province,
P. R. China

Phone: +86 135 60252608
Internet: www.vacuflex.cn
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