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WEKO has been the acknowledged partner for achieving specific properties and functions on a wide variety of materials for over 65 years.

Foils can be optimally functionalized due to the exact and non-contact surface application. F.e. Anti-block agents like silicone, Anti-fog, Anti-static, Primer etc. provide the desired characteristics. Diverse industries from Packaging, Seperator foil, Agriculture films, medical foils, construction foils and much more.

The task is to give films and foils individual and functional properties by an exact controllable process that is gentle to the material, Environment by saving ressources and costs. Especially by comparing with Masterbatch mixing, WEKO could achieve huge savings and easy to operate processes.

The WEKO-Fluid-Application-System applies functional liquids contact-free by fast rotating rotor discs which spray ultrafine micro-droplets to the material web. The micro-droplets could optional changed into a closed film coating by using WEKO smoothing roller.

WEKO - Don`t Play, work with precision!

Products and services

WEKO provides high professional Coating equipement for Cast film Extrusion lines and Converting lines as well as natural starch Powder Applicators for water cooled Blown film Extrusion lines.
WEKO SIGMA Rotor Carrier
WEKO ProTec encapsulated Rotor Carrier
WEKO BASIC fluid supply unit
WEKO FLOW fluid supply unit
WEKO Coating Tower (Coating Tower with WEKO Coating Unit, Dryer and Frame) for turn-key solution
WEKO AP-series, powder application System for Anti-block by natural starch powders in food industry

WEKO SIGMA Rotorcarrier

WEKO SIGMA is a high precision non-contact coating unit for surfaces on web based materials like film and foils. Through ist flexible design diverse coating width are available from 438mm up to 7.000 mm. Options: Format adjustment, heating, Zone-control

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WEKO Protec is a encapsulated Rotorcarrier for applying safely substances whcih could be critical for the working Environment. A regulated exhaust System supports to get out hazardour substances from the production plant.

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WEKO AP-series

WEKO AP-series is a non-contaxct and precise powder application System. To achieve Anti-block properties f.e. in bag-making often natural starch powders labeled for Food industry could be easily and exactly applied on low and high Speed running production lines (Extruders and Converting). Diverse formats up to 7.200mm spraying width are available. Also a 100% encapsulated powder sprayer ESC² is available.

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