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WITTE PUMPS & TECHNOLOGY GmbH is a specialist for precision gear pumps. The aim is to maximize customer´s process reliability by providing tailor made gear pump solutions. Customers come from the plastics, chemical or food industries. WITTE also offers a standard range of pumps. The latest technical innovations are incorporated into our standard model range, thus ensuring a high level of technology. WITTE PUMPS & TECHNOLOGY is renowned for its innovative drive, which makes it one of the world-leaders in this market.

Through our worldwide presence, WITTE strives to maintain an extraordinarily high standard of customer service. Flexibility in solving technical problems and in handling projects are of the utmost significance. The extremely high level of technology and quality of our pumps ensures the trouble-free operation of processing plants. WITTE was founded in 1984, the headquarters is located in Tornesch, Germany near Hamburg. All pumps are made in the factory in Germany.

Products and services

BOOSTER gear pumps are used in the polymerisation process, to boost the pressure of medium to high viscosity media. They transport pre-polymers and polymers, e.g. PET, PBT, PS, ABS any many more.

EXTRU is mainly used in conjunction with extruders or kneaders. It reduces the natural pulsation and irregular conveyance, particularly in single-screw extruders, added to which, the build up of pressure in the gear pump is more efficient in comparison to the extruder. Because of this, less energy or heat is transferred into the polymer and the product is conveyed in a gentler manner. The EXTRU is indispensable for the manufacture of precision films or micro granulate. The robust construction and low wear materials make the EXTRU indispensable for extrusions.

POLY high-pressure gear pump for the discharge of medium to high viscosity media from the reactor. The extra large inlet opening guarantees an even flow of product to the gearwheels even under vacuum or extremely low NPSH conditions.

BOOSTER gear pump for increasing process pressure

BOOSTER: Gear pumps for pres­sure in­crease
The reliable pressure increase pump for the polymer process.
BOOSTER gear pumps from WITTE are used in the polymerization process to increase the pressure of medium to high viscous media. The hydraulically heated booster pump transports prepolymers and polymers, such as PET, PBT, PS, ABS and many others, in a very gentle manner. The heating is done through heat transfer oil or steam.

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POLY discharge pump

POLY: Polymer discharge pumps
Reliable and robust pumps are needed to empty reactors and containers particularly during the polymerization process. The pumps transport the melt throughout the process. The highly viscous material must be transported from a reactor under vacuum. Discharge pumps from the POLY series from WITTE are specifically created for this task. The customer can choose between a standard design or an individual design according to their requirements.

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EXTRU melt pump for extrusion applications

EXTRU: Melt pumps for extrusion
The extrusion gear pump is mainly used in connection with extruders or kneaders. They lower the naturally existing pulsation and uneven transportation, particularly of single-screw extruders. The extrusion pump is also used as a melt pump. It takes over the establishment of the required transport pressure, which is needed for the downstream equipment.

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