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About Zeppelin Group
Zeppelin Group operates 190 sites around the world. In the 2017 fiscal year, its more than 8.200 employees generated sales of 2.75 billion euros. Group-wide collaboration in Zeppelin Group revolves around a management holding company and six strategic
business units.

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About Zeppelin Plant Engineering
Zeppelin plant engineering with its 1.300 employees at 20 locations world-wide is specialized in the development, the production and the construction of components and systems for the handling (storage,
conveying, mixing, metering and scaling) of high quality bulk materials. In this area Zeppelin Systems supports its customers from the project development phase via engineering, production, job site installation, commissioning to the customer service. The customers of the SGE plant engineering belong to the chemical
industry, plastic producers and processors, the rubber and tyre industry as well as the food industry.

Products and services

Zeppelin plant engineering – business fields Polymer
Plants Plants for plastics producers and forwarders
Plastics Processing & Rubber Plants Plants for the plastics processing and rubber industry Reimelt Food
Technology Plants for the food, confectionery and bakery industry Henschel Mixing Technology Mixers, mixing systems Silos & Filters Silo technology and filters Components Diverter valves, rotary feeders, separators, sifters … Customer Service Assembly,
maintenance, spare parts Modernization / Revamping
Optimization of production lines and plant controls
Quality Service Services in quality management


Silo production has a long tradition at Zeppelin. The company welded tanks from aluminum already in the days of airship construction in the early 20th century.

Our product range is geared towards the global demand for storage silosalong our customers’ supply chain. We ensure the economical, reliable and gentle storage of high-quality bulk materials with our stainless steel or aluminum storage silos.

The innovations, such as the development of emboxable silos in the 70ies and the technology for easy on-site assembly of silos – even those larger than 500 m³ – enabled Zeppelin silo technology to grow consistently.

With our storage silos made of aluminum or stainless steel, we ensure cost-efficient, dependable and gentle storage of your high-quality bulk materials.

Rotary Valve

Zeppelin Rotary Feeders transport the customers’ bulk material from containers and silos into the pneumatic conveying system. Particular attention is paid to detail so that everything runs smoothly. This is why we provide our customers with the optimal rotary feeder for every task—whether for powders or pellets. High degree of filing, ideal sizes, friendly product handling, innovative sealing systems, minimal leakage-perfection you can rely on

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Diverter Valve

Zeppelin diverter valves have been developed to guarantee reliable operation in the future as well. The patented design of the inlet, the outlet and the rotary plug channel ensures gentle transport of materials without any deposits. The active conveying direction is pressure-tight to avoid leakage or product impurities. Inflatable seals enable washing of pipes.

Zeppelin Systems GmbH
Graf-Zeppelin-Platz 1
88045 Friedrichshafen

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Zeppelin Systems China (Beijing) Co., Ltd
RM906 Golden Land Building, No. 32 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District
100016 Beijing
P. R Cina

Phone: +86 10 64324859
Fax: +86 10 64324829
Internet: www.zeppelin-systems.com
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News & Innovations

Container Mixer--CMQ

Optimized design for best results

The innovative wing profile tool with its unprecedented lifting abilities makes the bottom shell radius and a deflection via that radius unnecessary. The tool is no longer near-ground and the special airfoil shape generates a suction effect that directs the material upwards. The combination of the flat mixing head with the wing profile tool provides high lifting forces, minimal turbulence and low mixing resistance. This ensures a fast and effective homogenization and a very good color strength.

Thanks to the high bottom clearance, no pressure is generated on the surface of the mixing head and any material deposits or build-ups are eliminated. This results in hardly any temperature increase (approx. 1.5 - 2 °C/ min), a low power consumption and less wear on the mixing tool.

Diverter Valve DVV & Rotary Valve DFM240
Zeppelin has a lot to offer, not only digitally, but also in terms of process technology. The low and medium pressure diverter valve and rotary feeder product range has also been entirely revised.The components are now more efficient, lighter, more pressure-tight and come digitally equipped with MIRA Connect for lower operating costs as well as reduced weight and size. The EHEDG certification is in the works for the hygienic design of these components. Rotary feeders and diverter valves that are already in use can be easily replaced by the new generation of components.

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