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AZO provides innovative bulk & raw material handling, pneumatic conveying systems, mixer feeding & screeners & bulk containers for the reliable automation of production processes.

About us

AZO provides innovative material handling, pneumatic conveying systems, mixer feeding, containers for the reliable automation of production processes for the industry in chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic.

AZO transports raw materials fully automatically to mixers, extruders, compounders, granulating and dispersing systems, coating units, blown film extrusion lines right up to injection molding machines and compactors. Future-proof process engineering and innovative process technology coupled with trend-setting process IT ensure the highest standard of quality.

We plan, produce and install machines and systems all over the world. Our systems make sure that all recipe components reach the correct processing operation at the right time and in the right quantity. Our customers benefit from the high quality and reliability of our solutions as well as on more than 65 years of experience in automatic material supply.

AZO GmbH + Co. KG
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AZO Ingredients Automation System (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Building 15-102, Hi-Tech Industry Park No. 36 Hi-Tech Ave Huayuan Industrial Area
300384, Tianjin
P. R. China

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Products and services

AZO – Made in Germany
Our customers are: Manufacturers of compounds, profiles, cables, pipes, flooring, sheets, films, sealings, artificial leather, recycling materials, additives, injection molding and 3-D printed parts.

AZO transports raw materials such as bulk goods, fillers, granules, additives, liquids and flakes fully automatically into industrial production processes. Process steps such as mixing, extruding, kneading, stirring, calendaring, moulding, filling and packing are automated as far as possible.

Future-proof process engineering, innovative process technology and trend-setting process IT ensure the highest standard of quality in compounds, cables, films, sheets, profiles, pipes, floorings and rubbers.

AZO’s product range:

  • Storage systems
  • Sacks & big bag discharge systems
  • Screening systems
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Vacuum weighing systems
  • Weighing systems
  • Dosing systems
  • Container systems
  • Minor ingredient automation •Process-IT
  • etc.

The MIXOMAT is particularly well suited to discontinuous, gravimetric loading as well as to mixing and dyeing of granulate exactly as specified in the recipe, with masterbatch, re-work, pigments and additives. It can be used for medium to high throughputs values when loading compounding systems, blowing machines and foil lines. Combining the process stages of transporting, dosing, weighing and mixing in one device achieves an exemplary level of efficiency.

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AZODOS® for continuous dosing of powder products

The AZODOS® dosing unit, type P … DV for volumetric dosing of powder products into weighing and production processes. The unit can be used in the food industry as well as in the pharmaceutical, chemical and plastics industries wherever production processes require coarse/fine flow at a uniform mass flow rate. In connection with a weighing device, the unit can be built up to the AZODOS® type P... DW dosing system for gravimetric product feed to production processes.

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Modular discharge station for big bags

AZO big bag discharge stations make it possible to discharge big bags with low dust and to feed products reliably into the closed production plant. To improve efficiency and reduce costs even further, AZO has developed a modular concept for a big bag discharge station. The required components such as frame, traverse, chain hoist, discharging aids, etc. can be chosen from a “construction set”, depending on the requirements which has a very positive effect on the price and delivery time.

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News & Innovations

AZO COMPONENTER® Step - Automatic weighing of minor and micro components

The AZO COMPONENTER® Step makes it possible to weigh minor and micro components automati­cally with gram accuracy, such as pigments, colourings, flavouring agents, additives, active agents and numerous other micro quantities. The system improves product safety while simultaneously boosting production efficiency by reducing individual manual production steps to a minimum. It can be used in the food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics industries.

The target containers are positioned below the dosing points using a pneumatic drive. After the product is dosed with the quantity deter­mined in the recipe, the target container is transported one step forward to the next dosing point. Dosing screws combined with vibration bottoms underneath the raw material storage ensure accurate metering of components being handled. Once all components are in the target container in accordance with the recipe, it is unloaded at the end of the metering line and is ready for the next process.

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