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KROENERT manufactures innovative, reliable coating and laminating solutions for web-like materials such as paper, foil, film, cardboard and non-woven.

About us

KROENERT are the coating machinery experts. The development and construction of coating and laminating machines for the production of flexible packaging material as well as the installation and service are provided by the production site in Hamburg, Germany. Since 1903, KROENERT develops and builds innovative, reliable custom-made machineries. The name of the company stands for quality, competence and passion ., KROENERT delivers the best in class efficiency, persistent construction and short maintenance times within production. Very important are economy and ecology – wherever possible – resource reducing concepts are implemented.

KROENERT offers training and technological support, not only at the in house Technology Center, but also at our customers.

Complete coating and laminating machines also as stand-alone units, equipped with
Un- and rewinder, Coating station with 60 different methods, Drying technology as convection, IR and UV, Laminating, humidifiers, cooling sections and condensation units, etc.

Schuetzenstr. 105
22761 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 85393-660
Fax: +49 40 85393-171

Efforts Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd
213-1, Building 12, 22 Fengguan Road, Fengtai District
100071 Beijing
P. R. China

Phone: +86 135 81704463

Products and services

Production features:
Complete production machines for coating of paper, board, film, metal foil (aluminum, copper), non-woven as in- and offline modes:
1. Flexible Packaging
- Dry laminating for duplex and triplex laminates
- Wet laminating
- Wax and hotmelt for coating and laminating
- PVDC coating and many more

2. Technical Products, e.g.
- Self-adhesive labels
- Single and double sided adhesive tapes
- Protection films
- Medicated plasters and wafer-systems
- Specialized film lacquering

3. Clean Technologies (renewable energy and environmental protection)
- epoxy resin and impregnation for light construction
- Lithium-ion-batteries
- Flexible Solar cells
- Membranes
- Fuel cells

Reco 800

RECO 800 A, coating and laminating machine.
Tailor-made to produce flexible packaging material, web width 800 to 1.650 mm, production speed up to 1.000 m/min. This line is used for solventfree and solventbased lamination as well as lacquering and cold seal coating of paper, film and foils. An option is glue lamination of paper with aluminium foil. Key components are the coating systems to ensure quick change of the coating method and winders for a flying reel change at production speed.

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MCO 5000

The first modular configured and extendable coating and laminating machine designed to grow with your business. Its flexible and new design concept meets todays and tomorrows market requirements:
- Modularity
- Flexibility
- Time to market
- Easy Operation
- Sustainability
- World Wide Servicing
MCO 5000 applications (among others): siliconised materials, label stock, adhesive tapes (PSA), lacquered products, primered paper/film

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The universal and extremely versatile LabCo complements our product portfolio. All materials can be coated from roll to roll up to 500 mm web width. The LabCo meets upscaling benchmarks and is ideally suited to laboratory, research and development as well as pilot production operations. Applications are: printed electronics, electrode battery coatings, separator membranes, photovoltaic cells, fuel cells, composites, technical textiles, pharmaceuticals, flexible packaging, PSA tapes and labels.

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News & Innovations

Trends and expectations in packaging films and functional polymer films

Barrier layers are applied to packaging films, to protect the packed product against environmental influences. Besides that, the barrier layer also works as a sealing layer to combine different materials with each other, such as a food box with the top cover. Environmental influences can be moisture and oxygen as well as viruses, bacteria and infectious substances. „Smart-packaging” materials, meaning resource efficient products which are focusing on material efficient use as well as materials with a better CO2 foot print gain in importance mainly in China and India. Wasting of food is an important target to reduce lack of food worldwide.

For KROENERT these trends lead to the handling of thinner substrates and to design coating machines for the application of functional layers. These layers can be protective layers as well as printing primers for transparent barriers with Aluminium oxide (so called AlOx layers) and functional barrier layers like PVdC. All this has KROENERT in focus.

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