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As pioneer in digitalization PLEXPERT offers simulation service and process control modules. PLEXPERT is creator of the worldwide unique IR-ThermalSystem for inline quality control.

About us

PLEXPERT is a multi national company with specialists dedicating their work to the plastic industry. The simulation service is designed to support customers creating perfect plastic parts and best injection molds. Our specialists focus on material reduction, cost savings and high quality. One important point is the temperature management within a mold. With the cooling circuits simulated upfront, short cycle time and low production costs are ensured. The IR-ThermalSystem control the temperature distribution on the part later during the production process to ensure best part quality. In addition to that software tools like DiagBes, Xscale and Xmold are available to aid the work on the shop floor. DiagBes a dedicated for setter to ensure fast and structured problem solving on the shop floor level. Xscale is available for free and add functionality to existsing scales on the shop floor. Such as determination of best packing time and inline weight control of parts. Xmold manage documents, process paramater and maintanance information for molds. With constant investment in research and optimization PLEXPERT generates new knowledge in the field of plastic. This knowledge is shared in dedicated training in order to support companies to reduce waste, save energy and time and produce high quality plastic parts. 

Plexpert GmbH
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Plexpert Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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Products and services

Xmold – making injection molds smart
Using modern technology to bring intelligence to any injection mold. This means automated detection of process parameters, cycle counter and browser based status information. This speeds up the set up process.

IR-ThermalSystem – Inline quality control
We developed a system that allows the analysis of the thermal fingerprint of a mold. With this it is possible to ensure a stable injection molding process. This is a great help for the setter finding the shortest cycle time and indicate hot spots on the part immediately. Coupled with the injection molding machine a true industry 4.0 solution is given.

Xpertise – Simulation at its best
Save material, optimize cycle time and reduce warpage. These are some of the important results of simulation done by PLEXPERT using state of the art simulation software.
Or Xpertise evaluate, describe and rate every important result of a simulation and lead to great enhancement parallel to part and mold development.


A scale is very helpful on the shop floor. The setter controls the part weight during the set up of the mold to find the best packing time. If the scale is used inline of the process, from one shot to another the part weight will be checked. And finally, when it comes to packaging, the weight is used to calculate the number of parts beeing put on the scale. Xscale, is the number one software that support all of the described tasks and support the setter to ensure a perfect job is done.


Temperature is the number one quality parameter if it comes to injection molding. Analysing the temperature of a part before it is ejected ensure a stable process.
From one shot to another temperatures in critical areas are recorded. A warning will be issued as soon as upper or lower limits given by a quality manager will be reached.
Unfilled parts, sink marks, flashing and other defects will be detected from the infrared camera as part of the IR-ThermalSystem.


Being efficient and doing the best job one can do lead to a continuos learning. Knowing about the importance of having state of the art knowledge at hand, PLEXPERT set up tie first e-Learning plattform for the plastic industy.
Authors find their place to publish own courses while user find a increasing variety of courses they can use to learn and educate themself. e-Learning is the most efficient way to get deep knowledge on specific topics in shortest time.

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