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Reliable standard or customized gear pump solutions well suited for the entire process chain of polymer production. High precision pumps for efficient process design.

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WITTE has specialized in the manufacturing of precision gear pumps for more than 35 years. Our pumps guarantee efficient process design through the best efficiency, highest precision and optimized energy requirements. We are certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and manufacture every pump according to the highest quality criteria. We have an excellent network of suppliers and can rely on a broad portfolio of different materials. WITTE pumps are well suited for use in the chemical and plastics industry. Especially for polymer production, we offer a wide range of products to cover the entire process chain. The product range consists of the small dosing pump for additives with 0.23 ccm/rev up to the polymer discharge pump with 22 l/rev various solutions for different requirements. For our customers we offer not only standard solutions, but also exclusive customer-specific solutions.

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Products and services

EXTRU Melt pump Melt pumps were designed to be combined with extruders. As pump installed downstream from extruders, such units reduce the natural pulsation and generate the pressure required for the mould. On option, we equip the series EXTRU of melt pumps with our proved herringbone gearing. Demanding polymer melts are especially smoothly fed. BOOSTER High pressure pump The high-pressure pumps are characterised by their robust design. They are able to build up high pressures with medium and highly viscous media. Owing to the special teeth, the pulsation is reduced to minimum and downstream dies can be reliably supplied with constant product flow for constant product quality, this guarantees invariable grade. POLY Discharge pump Discharge pumps are characterised by an extra large inlet to assure uniform product flow to the gearwheels. The pumps can be used in a wide range of applications and work also under extreme conditions such as vacuum or low NPSH-criteria.
EXTRU Melt pump for extrusion process

The extrusion gear pump is mainly used in connection with extruders or kneaders. They lower the naturally existing pulsation and uneven transportation, particularly of single-screw extruders. The extrusion pump is also used as a melt pump. It takes over the establishment of the required transport pressure, which is needed for the downstream equipment.

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BOOSTER - Gear pumps for pressure increase

The reliable pressure increase pump for the polymer process.
BOOSTER gear pumps from WITTE are used in the polymerization process to increase the pressure of medium to high viscous media. The hydraulically heated booster pump transports prepolymers and polymers, such as PET, PBT, PS, ABS and many others, in a very gentle manner. The heating is done through heat transfer oil or steam.

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POLY-AT Discharge gear pumps

The POLY-AT design offers exceptional flexibility when it comes to installations beneath the polymer melting reactor. Customers can choose from three different flange geometries to ensure they are always benefiting from the best combination of reactors and pump flanges from both a technical and economical perspective.

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