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Toolvision® – Germany’s most Intelligent Measurement Engineering for Optimizing your Thermoforming processes! Get the sight inside the black box and get ready for Industry 4.0!

About us

Toolvision® Technology – Intelligent Measurement Engineering to optimize your thermoforming process! With Toolvision® customized systems the entire thermoforming processes can be monitored, documented and illustrated as a graphic. The advantages are clear to see: reduced unit costs, fewer rejects, protection of tool and machine, faster start-up times which leads to: Optimum Quality Assurance for Packaging Exact Depiction of the Thermoforming Process Three-stage Error Reporting System Guarantees Comprehensive Controls Ready for Industry 4.0 About the Toolvision® developers: Toolvision® GmbH was founded under the name Schöberl Messtechnik and has been headquartered in Germany (Bavaria) since 2004. The company began as a manufacturer and supplier of special measuring technologies for the thermoforming industry and is focused on the further development of systems for companies for example in the food and pharmaceutical branches.

Toolvision GmbH
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Products and services

Toolvision® Technology – Intelligent, customized measurement engineering for to optimize your thermoforming process and step into industry 4.0. The thermoforming process should not be operated as a black box any longer! With Toolvision® Technology systems you can view and optimize it. For product information and contact, please visit Toolvision® website at For great China and South East Asia area please contact Toolvision®’s exclusive agency: Vulcan Plastics via e-mail: or +86 13530085585

Toolvision® system's solid Basic Measuring Box - here with central plug connectors.

Thanks to Toolvision®, important parameters of the thermoforming process can be monitored, e.g.:
Forming/clamp air/vacuum pressure, plug/clamp position, tool strain, temperatures. A customized sensor package will be installed on the tool/machine, data will
be recorded and evaluated in real time and documented. Toolvision® - suitable for any thermoformer and new or existing tools – leads to tool protection, faster starting times, high-quality products etc. Join us - we have the experience.

Toolvision® Quality window, Reference graph, Long-term report

Toolvision® Quality window – detecting deviations of critical measuring points. Being faster with the Reference graph – accelerate the start-up time significantly with Toolvision® real time data. This effects the costs and rejected volumes positively. Toolvision® Information tool - Long-term report provides information about the production run, detecting long-term fluctuations and long-term information about your process stability.

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The IR-Camera makes it visible!

The infrared camera, once integrated into the Toolvision® system, visualizes the temperature progression of the film. A uniform temperature distribution is decisive for the deep drawing process and important to receive high quality products. Through additionally visualizing the cavities with the cavity designer, it can be exact determined, whether the film temperature on the cavity positions meets the required temperature range.

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