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Efficient and cost-effective cleaning of water circuits

The latest innovation of Buchem that was realised together with Japanese manufacturer of mould temperature control units Matsui is the WSC Cleaning System, which makes short work of rust, magnesium and limescale deposits in water circuits of heating elements and moulds.

The system’s portable WSC-Unit, which is made of non-corrosive materials only, contains a pressure and heat-resistant filter housing with integrated fine filter and neodymium magnet to bind coarse rust particles. The pump of the temperature control unit admixes the cleaning concentrates (WSC-Phase 1 and WSC-Phase 2) to the circulating water and activates the decalcification and rust removal process. The first cleaning step with WSC-Phase 1 removes limescale, magnesium and rust, and passivates the metal surfaces. The second cleaning step with WSC-Phase 2 neutralises the pH value, rinses out dirt and grease residue, and protects the pipes against corrosion until they are dry.

Exhibitor: buchem: Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG