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A new, genuine trouble-shooter

Buflon GR – that is the name of Buchem’s new fully synthetic special grease that increases the quality of production and makes working processes more efficient. Due to its high content of highly concentrated PTFE and the special adhesive additives the product is characterised by outstanding adhesive and sliding properties. Hence, it is not only suitable for plastics processing, but also offers many advantages for tool and mould construction.

Buchem’s novelty is suitable for close tolerances, comes with excellent emergency running properties, is heat resistant to up to 200 °C, and reliably protects lubricated surfaces against corrosion. The special adhesive additives prevent rust from creeping and thus bothersome dirt marks on moulded parts.

And wherever there are great centrifugal forces the highly adhesive Buflon GR will not lose its grip as well: on fast-moving chains, gears or discs, the special grease ensures a temporary dry lubrication, even if there is no grease left.

Exhibitor: buchem: Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG