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FEDDEM's type FME screws elements for gentle mixingLatest developments in LFT-PT long-fibre-reinforced pellets

Especially developed type FME mixing elements replace conventional kneading blocks while avoiding temperature peaks during mixing. This technology allows for a gentler treatment of the product during the compounding process and supports better performance of compounds in their final application. FME mixing elements require less energy for mixing than kneading blocks (about 10% energy savings in mixing zones).

FEDDEM LFT-PT Extrusion lines provide state-of-the-art technology for producing long-fibre-reinforced pellets (typical lengths from 8 to 25 mm). The line components are optimised by continuous feedback from heavy-duty production at FEDDEM’s affiliated company AKRO-PLASTIC.

FEDDEM’s LFT-PT line are based on ICX™ Technology, a joint development by FEDDEM and AKRO-PLASTIC.

The technology is suitable for processing a large variety of polymers and types of endless fibres.

Exhibitor: FEDDEM GmbH & Co. KG