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Hidden inside - Performance outside

With the SILATHERM® product family, novel fillers have been developped that significantly increase the thermal conductivity of plastics while providing better mechanical strength. There are five main product lines: SILATHERM® 1360, SILATHERM® 1466, SILATHERM® Plus, SILATHERM® Lite and SILATHERM® Advance.

Kaolin TEC 110 is an extremely hexagonal quality with excellent reinforcing properties. By using the silanized types, the good mechanical properties and the incorporability are further improved. In addition, tests at the HPF Plastics Research Center showed that the use of Kaolin TEC 110 AST can significantly reduce the use of expensive flame retardants. On intense heating, kaolin releases crystal water and thus supports the effectiveness of the flame retardants. Since kaolin is a natural product, there is no additional environmental impact in case of fire.

ACRYSMART® is an intelligent masterbatch for acrylic glass. ACRYSMART® glass changes its permeability to light and solar radiation as a function of the ambient temperature. Thus, the acrylic sheets offer the advantage of automatic shading at higher temperatures and optimum use of daylight at low temperatures. Solar energy can be used in a controlled manner, thus saving heating or cooling energy. ACRYSMART® ensures a comfortable climate in humans, animals or plants. In addition, there are hardly any limits to creative freedom.

Exhibitor: HPF The Mineral Engineers divison of Quarzwerke Group