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Trends and expectations in packaging films and functional polymer films

Barrier layers are applied to packaging films, to protect the packed product against environmental influences. Besides that, the barrier layer also works as a sealing layer to combine different materials with each other, such as a food box with the top cover. Environmental influences can be moisture and oxygen as well as viruses, bacteria and infectious substances. „Smart-packaging” materials, meaning resource efficient products which are focusing on material efficient use as well as materials with a better CO2 foot print gain in importance mainly in China and India. Wasting of food is an important target to reduce lack of food worldwide.

For coating machines, such as produced from side of the company KROENERT as supplier of custom made machines, on one side these trends lead to the handling of more and more thinner substrates. On the other side, coating machines have to be designed for the application of functional layers. These layers can be, for instance, protective layers as well as printing primers for transparent barriers with Aluminium oxide (so called AlOx layers) and functional barrier layers like PVdC. All these topics has KROENERT in focus for the development of machines and new processes.

Even for barrier layers PVdC (Polyvinylidene chloride) is currently dominating the market are alternative products developed. Transparent barrier layers with high barrier properties are gaining importance. Aluminium oxide (AlOx) clear barrier coating has become one of the favoured choices for flexible packaging. They are more and more common in use. However, the transparent ceramic barrier layers need to be protected as well as coated with a primer layer for printing applications. The development of new solutions is focused at KROENERT and will be discussed during the Chinaplast in Shanghai beside new high-end developments for polymer film applications.

Exhibitor: KROENERT GmbH & Co. KG