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Coating lines with Reinhardt GmbH

Dip spin coating lines with Reinhardt GmbH
Based in Villingen, Germany, Reinhardt is among the global market leaders for dip spin coating equipment and is the only supplier that offers two different dip spin technologies for bulk materials complete, for nearly all applications. Complete means Reinhardt is the only manufacturer building his its own heat treatment and tempering ovens with longtime tradition of more than 75 years.

For more than 30 years Reinhardt has successfully designed, improved and produced industrial coating devices for dip materials. In this business sector the company currently offers machines with capacities up to 6t/h. Reinhardt has a number of standard machines on offer, based on principles of German made reliable quality, short delivery times and best values for money.
Even big or small charge sizes can be handled and coated efficiently. For every throughput Reinhardt can deliver an appropriate machine design. The offered machines can handle multiple automatic coating processes consecutively. This saves time and is gentle on the material needing to be coated. From beginning to end with optimal batch separation and lowest dropping heights.

The basket lines are suitable for a wide range of parts, with tilting device up to 85 ° even with paint scooping parts. No processing of baskets in warm ambient air. Less build-up of paint on the baskets, thus reducing soiling on the parts. Significantly longer cleaning cycles compared to systems of the competitors.
The patented “Reinhardt barrel” lines are characterized by soft material handling, small paint reservoir, best coating results with paint scooping parts like Allen head, smallest footprint/throughput ratio, cleaning cycles for barrels up to 8 weeks.

Reinhardt dip spin equipment stands for excellent coating results, compact design, fast cycle times, high output and lowest operational cost. This can be realized by the combination of the coating lines and ovens out of one hand. The Reinhardt Ovens deliver perfect temperature uniformity, performance and long lifetime. You will benefit from Reinhardt’s experience and skills.
Thanks to its existing product portfolio Reinhardt is able to cover almost every possible scenario when it comes to dip spin coating and thermal processing.

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