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AHP Merkle GmbH

AHP Merkle GmbH

Booth number: HALL 2.1-H75

About us

Since 1973 AHP Merkle develops, constructs and manufactures 100%-quality hydraulic cylinders. We are active in the fields of tool and mold making, mechanical engineering and others.


AHP Merkle GmbH
Nägelseestr. 39
79288 Gottenheim

Phone:  +49 7665 4208107
Suzhou Merkle Hydraulic System Co., Ltd.
Room 201, 2nd floor, 11th Building, Yichuang Science Park, 50 Weixin Road, SIP
215122 Suzhou
P. R. China

Phone:  +86 512 62969386

Contact person:

Melissa Lyu
General Manager
Phone: +86 150 13856625

Fabio Fischer
Key Account Manager
Phone: +86 150 12488922

Products & Services

AHP Merkle offers a range of hydraulic cylinders for tool and mold construction. Customers from all over the world and from various industries all recognize this.

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AHP Standard Parts
(Mechanical Chain Lifters, Double Ejection Systems)
Electrical Linear Drive (e-ahp lite)

Block Cylinders
Tie Rod Cylinders
Locking Cylinders
Push Units
AHP Standard Cylinders
Short-Stroke Cylinders
DIN Standard Cylinders
Core Pull Unit
Double-Lined Cylinders
Flanged Cylinders
Stamping Cylinders
Screw In Cylinders
Rotary Drive Units
Clamping Elements
Special Cylinders
(Multiposition cylinder, Two-force cylinder, Water cooling, Block cylinder
with linear position transducer)

Locking Cylinder

Depending on the part geometry to be injected, it may be necessary to create a breakthrough or an undercut. The application requires keeping a core or a feeder in the cavity. This task is achieved through a Locking Cylinder. This is mainly used in injection mold manufacturing.

- Compact block construction
- High holding force
- Locking with pre-tension is possible
- Reliable signal emission in locked condition
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Locking Cylinder - VBZ

Block Cylinder with position sensing

Compact designed, less expensive to purchase and with at least 8 mm adjustable switching point at the end of stroke. Download product catalogue here:

- With special limit switches up to 140 °C
- Adjustable switching point up to 8 mm possible at the end of the stroke
- Sensor unit can be used as a standalone unit

Block Cylinder with position sensing - BZP

Flow Dividers

Rotary Gear Flow Dividers are designed to synchronize hydraulic cylinders (bring them to equal stroke length) in one direction only. This needs to be in a direction where the cylinders bottom out (go to the end of their stroke).

Flow Dividers

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