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Bekum Maschinenfabriken GmbH

Bekum Maschinenfabriken GmbH

Booth number: HALL 2.1-F46

About us

Pioneering and innovative manufacturer of extrusion blow moulding machines for monolayer and multilayer plastic packaging containers from 3 ml to 3000 l. Tailor-made solutions for applications in beverage, dairy, liquid food, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutics, agrochemical industry, technical applications e.g. automotive fuel tanks, 3D blow moulding up to 7 layers.

All-electric e-Twin-Toggle clamping drive up to 500 kN with an unmatched bearing design

Compact, fully electric small blow moulding machines in Bekum quality

Patented C-frame clamping unit for outstanding platen parallelism and low wear on moulds

Unique clamping concept up to 3,000 kN, fast, energy-saving and with unique mould thickness variance

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Bekum Maschinenfabriken GmbH
Kitzingstr. 15 – 19
12277 Berlin

Phone:  +49 30 7490-0
Jiangsu Cenglary Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd.
18F.-8.,No. 386, Shizheng Rd.
Taichung City 407, Taiwan
P. R. China

Phone:  +86 51 257379570-512

Contact person:

Oliver Wolff
Director Sales & Marketing
Phone: +43 660 5324163

Products & Services

1. Presentation of the 8-series with 20 new models, modularly designed for greater flexibility
2. Market launch of all-electric small blow moulding machines EBLOW 208/308/408 with 60/120 kN clamping force and 280-520 mm carriage stroke
3. New EBLOW 1008D/1208D long-stroke machines with 500 kN clamping force and 1080/1280 mm carriage
4. e-Twin-Toggle all-electric clamping drive via double toggle lever with 150-500 kN clamping force, unique bearing system with low wear
5. Newly developed large blow-moulding machines XBLOW 50/100/200/300 for large canisters, (L-ring) drums and IBCs with hybrid-electric clamping unit up to 3,000 kN clamping force
6. Bekum Control 8.0 control platform with Industry 4.0 package and AI Health Monitoring
7. Highly efficient HiPEx 36D extruders in new sizes up to 720 kg/h throughput with high melt homogeneity and 20% energy savings
8. Simulation-based development of new 3-layer spiral mandrel heads for packaging and industrial lines as well as Tri-Ex retrofit solutions

EBLOW 408D - Small Blow Moulding Machine

• Low footprint and good accessibility
• Highly efficient electric drives and highest precision from the 1st production shot
• High performance HiPEx 36D melt-homogenous extruder with -20% energy consumption
• Spiral mandrel extrusion heads in mono and 3-layer for PCR and fast color changes
• Intuitive BC 8.0 control with AI monitoring for continuous article quality and highest machine availability
• Exceeds energy efficiency class 10 acc. to Europmap 46.1 (<0.26 kWh/kg)
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EBLOW 408D - New Machine Design

EBLOW 1208D - High Speed Packaging Blow Moulding Machine

New electric blow-moulding machines for the production of packaging - bottles, canister and containers
• mono and multi layer production
• Tandem Blow and Multi-Cavity production
• Energy-saving machine design with fast closing pressure build-up
• High flexibility with greater performance in canister production
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XBLOW 100 - 220 L-Ring Drum Blow Moulding Machine

 flexible and modular industrial blow moulding systems
with high accessibility and flexible production solutions
for large canisters, drums and IBCs
 Unique hybrid electric clamping concept up to
3,000 kN, fast, energy-saving and with unique mould
thickness variance (patent pending)
 Rapid stroke movement electrically and hydraulically.
Hydraulic mould functions and accumulator heads
driven by variable-speed hydraulic power unit
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XBLOW 100 - Industrial Blow Moulding Machine

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