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ENULEC GmbH Electrostatic

ENULEC GmbH Electrostatic

Booth number: HALL 2.1-F38

About us

We are a full service organization providing factory certified engineers to install and support our ENULEC Electrostatic Controls. We have 24 years experience overcoming the challenges of electrostatics in industrial applications. Our team is available for you, we offer answers, help and support worldwide in cooperation with our global assistance network. In addition to their headquarters in Trittau near Hamburg/Germany, the company operates through a number of subsidiaries. Enulec Electrostatic Sagl in Lugano/CH serves to maintain close collaboration with leading Italian manufacturers of gravure presses, while Enulec America Sales and Service Center looks after customers in the Americas. Beyond this, a worldwide sales and service network consolidates the company’s market position and ensures its closeness to its customers.


ENULEC GmbH Electrostatic
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 7
22946 Trittau

Phone:  +49 4154 4229

Products & Services

Enulec offers custom designed solutions to electrostatic related problems. The product range includes highly effective and innovative ESA systems (standard top loading, maintenance free top loading, core charging and side loading systems) which have helped customers in the gravure printing industry to achieve high quality print standards along with high productivity and maximum standards of safety. In addition to this, EST electrostatic discharging systems assist customers in the printing and plastics processing industries to successfully eliminate static charges in machines such as winders, slitters and laminating machines, so ensuring smooth and safe production processes.

ESA Top Loading

ENULEC Electrostatic Printing Assist systems are used by many of the world’s leading gravure printers and machine manufacturers of flexible packaging, tobacco packaging, décor and colour print for publication to improve and maintain the highest standards of print quality by creating the conditions for optimum ink transfer and eliminating “missing dots, dot skips”.They are tested and certified to the latest ATEX safety standards.

Discharging System

This highly effective DC static elimination system has been available to the market for the last 15 years and removes troublesome static charge in winding, slitting, laminating and blown film processes. Free ions (both positively and negatively charged) are deposited at high speed onto the surface of the substrate during the winding process and the positively charged ions on the surface of the substrate recombine with the predominantly negatively charged ions coming from the discharge bar.

Static Inline Measurement

The ENULEC Inline Static Measurement System offers new possibilities for process optimization and an increase in safety during production. Substrates of all types are analysed for electrostatic charge in an inline process and the results so measured are recorded. When a pre-selectable warning threshold has been reached, the system provides a signal to the operator and provides information concerning the critical state of any static electrical charge which is present.

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