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Process Control GmbH

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About us

Welcome to Process Control GmbH – your leading manufacturer of dosing and mixing systems for a variety of materials, including powders, granules, flakes, liquids, and more. Our expertise extends to material conveying and recycling systems, all tailored to the individual requirements of our clients. With a proud 30 years of successful history, Process Control GmbH has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry. Our focus is not only on manufacturing state-of-the-art systems but also on sustainable practices. A significant portion of the components we use is sourced locally, and our systems are precision-engineered with the highest quality in Germany. Our roots go even further back: The parent company, Process Control Corporation, was founded in 1967, boasting an impressive 57 years of experience in the industry. This long-standing expertise is reflected in the reliability and innovation of our products.

WXO380 gravimetric batch blender for powder

Guardian graimetric batch blender for pellets and granulates - here for 12 components

PEX feeder for gravimetric blending of granulates, powder and liquids

Multifeeder for gravimetric blending of granulates, powder and liquids

Edge trim grinder at film and tape productions

Gravimetric batch blender with material handling system

asr grinder at film and tape productions


Process Control GmbH
Industriestr. 15
63633 Birstein

Phone:  +49 6054 91290
Shaoying Hong
Room 403, Unit No.1, Block No.2, Xiangbinhaoting
No.303 Fuxian Road, Shiqiao Town, Guangzhou
P. R. China

Phone:  +86 139 26435697

Contact person:

Juergen Mohr
General Manager
Phone: +49 6054 91290

Products & Services

Taylormade Gravimetric dosing units, continuous blenders, batch blenders, all for granulates and powders.

ASR scrap recycling systems for inline recycling of edge and bleed trims at the tape- and film- industry.

X-Series gravimetric blenders

The X-Series continuous gravimetric blender provides a precise homogenous blend of materials where the plastic process requires exact controls. It’s high resolution weighing system allows precise low-rate, additive feeding to minimize usage of costly materials. With unsurpassed blend accuracy and homogeneity, the X-Series has a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of any application.
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GUARDIAN Batch blender

PROCESS CONTROL develops and supplies discontinuous gravimetric mixers of the GUARDIAN ® series in various sizes and designs. GUARDIAN ® is characterized by highest achievable accuracy and unsurpassed reproducibility of dosing results and end product homogeneity. In the mixing chamber with a highly efficient 3D mixing blade, an incomparable mixing quality of the starting materials is achieved and made available to the processing process.
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WXOmega Powder batch blender

The dust-proof WXOmega has a sophisticated, compact design.
All powder feeders of the batch blender are equipped with integrated, special dosing screws and bridge breakers.
The new designed conical weight-hopper with integrated gate and the special load cell technology is responsible for the highest accuracy of the amount of each single powder, while the 3D powder agitator in our new developed dustproof mixing chamber creates the perfect homogenization of the blend.
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