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Herbold Meckesheim GmbH

Herbold Meckesheim GmbH

Booth number: HALL 2.1-F106

About us

Herbold Meckesheim is a leading recycling specialist and produces machines and plants for processing pure plastic waste as well as used, mixed and contaminated plastics. The company belongs to Hillenbrand, Inc., and is part of the Recycling Business Unit of Coperion, which offers complete solutions for plastics recycling. More than 260 employees at the headquarters in Meckesheim and the staff of the international agencies accompany custom-made plants and machinery from the conception stage through commissioning to the end of their commercial use. Herbold’s product range includes shredders, granulators and pulverizers as well as plastcompactors for agglomeration, but especially washing and separation systems with pre-sorting, wet shredding, pre-washing units, wet granulators, friction washers, hot washing and hydrocyclone stages, mechanical and thermal dryers, and furthermore water processing. The components and modular system solutions are tested in the company's own technical center.

Headquarter in Meckesheim.

Premises in Reichartshausen.

Modern modular plant concepts.

Hot wash stage to remove odours, adhesives and liquid residues.

Washing plant for a customer.

The company’s own test center.

Plants for used, mixed and contaminated plastics.

Rotor of an EWS 60/210 shredder.

Plant solutions for high throughput.


Herbold Meckesheim GmbH
Industriestr. 33
74909 Meckesheim

Phone:  +49 6226-932-0

Contact person:

Markus Zimmermann
Area Sales Manager
Phone: +49 6226 932-125

Mehmet Kaya
Sales Team Leader
Phone: +49 6226 932-209

Products & Services

Our product range includes shredders, guillotines, hammer mills, granulators and pulverizing systems, plastcompactors for agglomeration, washing and separation systems and components with pre-sorting, wet shredding, pre-washing units, wet granulators, friction washers, separation tanks and hydrocyclones, mechanical and thermal dryers, hot washing and water processing. Herbold Meckesheim produces machinery and washing lines for recycling PET, polyolefins, film, or rigid plastic as well as all kinds of post-consumer plastic waste. We provide services with spare parts, overhauls, inspections, trouble shooting and upgrades. The employees at the headquarters and the staff of the international agencies worldwide accompany machines that are custom-made to fit the requirements from the conception stage through commissioning to the end of their commercial use.

Plastcompactor HV 70

The HV 70 plastcompactor from Herbold Meckesheim processes a wide variety of materials into products of high bulk density in continuous operation between one rotating and one fixed compactor disk, each equipped with screwed-on and easily replaceable kneading bars. Since the material leaves the compactor zone within fractions of a second, the thermal impact upon the plastic is very low. The process is regulated using two parameters – the screw speed and the distance between the disks.
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HV 70 plastcompactor.

Granulator SML 60/100 SB 2

The SML 60/100 SB 2 from Herbold Meckesheim is a granulator suitable for dry and wet operation with horizontal forced feeding, which allows space-saving installations and easy feeding of the material. Another advantage is the high throughput capacity thanks to a one-meter wide inlet from the hopper and 50-centimeter strong feeding screws that transport the material to be ground to the rotor. Seven rotor knives and now also an optional third stator knife allow up to 21 cuts per revolve.
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SML 60/100 SB 2 granulator.

Mechanical Dryer T 2016 PA

The T 2016 PA from Herbold Meckesheim is a mechanical dryer that has proven itself for a wide range of materials, from films and regrind to mixed and rigid plastics. Washed flakes, for example, are dried and also freed from residual impurities. The T 2016 PA is also suitable as an intensive washer – in this case, it uses a large volume of water to separate contaminants from the fraction such as paper pulp from former labels.
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T 2016 PA mechanical dryer.

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