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About us

SOMATEC The world of winding

For more than 25 years SOMATEC has designed, assembled and commissioned a large number of machines and lines, which are operated all over the world. Many well-known companies are SOMATEC's customers. In Europe SOMATEC is represented locally, in Italy and overseas in the USA and in Canada.

In 2023, SOMATEC opened a production facility in China. This is an extension of our service location near Shanghai, which has been in operation for more than 15 years.

Since 2006, SOMATEC has delivered more than 60 turret rewinding machines to China, additional unwinder, rewinder and slitters for aluminium printing plate, isolation tape or packaged food industry.

Our production focus is on non-stop unwinder and rewinder just as slitter rewinder regardless of if this is paper, plastic film, aluminium foil, tobacco, battery film or nonwoven.

SOMATEC's service includes consulting and planning, design and manufacturing and also start-up, operator training and after-sales service.

SOMATEC company building

Turret Rewinder ATW100-2400I

Turret Rewinder ATW100-2400I

Clean room winder

2.3m roll at 12 inch shaft

Turret unwinder

Soft film single drum winder

Multi web winding

Surface winder


Freibusch 7
31789 Hameln

Phone:  +49 179 7454158
Somatec China
P. R. China

Phone:  +86 182 21206778

Contact person:

Alexander Sohns
Overseas Sales Manager
Phone: +49 1797454158

Joanne Wang
General Sales Manager Somatec China
Phone: +86 182 21206778

Products & Services

SOMATEC´s services
Consulting and design
Project management
Production and assembly
Electrical design, PLC-, HMI software
Worldwide Commissioning and test-runs
After-Sales Service and trouble shooting
Retrofit and modification of existing machines, regardless the brand.

SOMATEC´s focus is on all kind of in-line applications within production and finishing processes, where flat webs have to be unwound or rewound continuously. Various reel converting machines and special winding machines are also part of the SOMATEC delivery program.

In 2023, Somatec opened a production site in China in addition to the main factory in Germany. Additional offices in India, Italy, USA and Canada ensure 24-hour availability.

Turret rewinder ATW800-2000I


The Turret Winder ATW-I was developed in particular for non-stop winding within plastic film and nonwoven production lines. By its modular design the adaption to any production situation is very easy. This includes various machine sizes as well as different automatic reel change systems and different integrated longitudinal cutting devices for edge trimming and multiple web slitting. Also flexible reel handling solutions are available.
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Somatec turret rewinder for all kind of plastic fim, paper, glasfiber and different other products

Special clean room turret rewinder for medicine products as blood bags.

By direct pulling of the winding shaft of the winder short cycle times are reached.

Automatic Surface Winder SW - E(core prepared with adhesive)

SW - E is an economic automatic surface winder with compact design and essential function. Even a basic version works with one drive, it also fulfills all actual requirements for a modern and safe winder.
The Surface winder SW - E is characterized by the following advantages:
Automatic reel change at full production speed
Optimal winding conditions by surface winding from the first to the last layer.
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Surface Winder SW - 800-1800E

Single roll surface winder with precise tension control and automatic roll change

Shaft magazine for automatic unattended role change

Unwind and rewind stations for Re-reeler and Slitter-Rewinder

The following solutions are possible for the unwind and rewind stations of Re-reeler and Slitter-Rewinder:
Reel support with winding shafts or shaftless via expanding chucking heads
Unwind stand with pneumatic brake or regenerative brake
Edge guiding or steering system either by sideways movement of the unwind or by a pivoting frame
Splice table for a safe web splicing after the unwind
Multiple web winding -depending on the material type -on one common shaft or two friction winding shafts
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Slitter for adhesive tape

Slitter rewinder for beverage carton

Slitter rewinder with 2 unwinding stations for Nonwoven

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